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Metabolomics data analysis workshop slides @ UWaterloo

I am leaving Prof. Pawliszyn’s research group for Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai(ISMMS) in September. During the past two week, I made 171 slides for a workshop about metabolomics data analsysis for our group in University of Waterloo. One target is training new group member and another target is to set up a reproducible data analysis system to facilitate further data analysis.

I divided this workshop into five different parts: the first part is about a general introduction about metabolomics; the second part is related to statistical analysis in metabolomics; the third part is focused on batch effects; the fourth part is annotation and the last part is a demo for the whole workflow. I made the presentation in five days and lasted for about 7 hours in total. Now I realized the presentation was a physical labor when you had to talk and answer questions in more than one hour at dinner-time.

As I promised, here is the slides for the workshop:

Those slides are wroten by xaringan, which means they support full screen (press f) and notes (press p). The source file could be found here under subfolder ‘metabolomics’. You might find amusing images or GIF at the beginning of each slides and I found such way could really help to relax both the reporter and the audiences (I stole this idea and some GIF from Yihui).

Since it’s already public availiable, you could also use them as your wishes. No Guarantee. I will appreciate if you could send some feedbacks or enhencements for those slides. Those slides would be updated with Meta-Workflow which you could also comment on the source file.

Enjoy your Friday 13rd!