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My Data

After a travel to Henan province, I found my removable disk is broken. I don’t know when it happened but it just happened. Two days ago, Dropbox pushed an email to remind me of using it, then I find it is hard to record the data in dropbox from my memory. I got so many data that I can’t find one when I need it, so I just got more data from the web. This situation turn over after I use evernote but there exists a lot of data to be classified into my notebook. Well, I’d like to rebuild it from bases and I set some rules to organised my data.

  • Use folder and sub folder and two levels are enough. If the classification and numerals levels made the user confusing, you know which type of data should be contained.

  • Always process you data when you got them. Movies or documentary should be turned into messages of you notebook instead of showing them for others. Just keep the one you wanted to scan for more than three times, not the new one.

  • Achieve the data into your removable devices or sync them via email, evernote, dropbox, Google drive or skydrive . Not all of them, just choose the one you need.

  • Maybe searching the data from your own database will release your brain, but your must remember some in case you forget you have got some data about one topic.

  • A cache folder named temp will help a lot if your try to collect you data into this folder and clear it before you finish one day’s work.

  • Get away from your computer as soon as you finished your work, it is boring when you just hang out on the web and we use computer, not vice versa.

  • Diskgenius will help you recover your data from a disk error, keep a copy in case.