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The Rules of Ignoring

If I’d like to keep on writing this pages for such a long time, the new readers will find it’s hard to figure out something about me by so many articles. In fact, if I find a guy’s post interesting, I will try to read the other posts in his blog. But most of the time, I am confused by so many tags and classification and I will drop. So for most of the viewers as you, this posts will be just ignored. As you read this line, you should type Ctrl + w to end this dull post.

Anyway, so many articles were made by us as a result of information age and most of the time, we are talking to ourselves. When I wanted to open this blog in English, a friend told me that no one will read your posts and this was just mean-less. If I could find the data about every post, he will be right so I just remove some codes to track the visits from you(OK, I keep some anyway). I am not doing a silly thing and I know one day even myself will forget this post but I just want to leave some messages for a stranger. Everyday on the web you could get into another stranger’s life, find the happiness and unhappiness from his twitter or Facebook, then you just leave. This felling is wired because it just like peeping. But you must know when you put something on the web, finally there will be a stranger find it out. But don’t panic, you are not the one they care and they are just curious about unknown.

In fact, we could communicate with each other so convenient that we could just find another to instead of certain one. We are actually getting far away from each other. Recently I went out by train, no one talked with their neighbor but see their cellphone. I know on the cellphone they may just see some twitters from the their friends or the news from the websites but when I was young, getting on a train would be an adventure with so many unknown. They are just at hand and I don’t know why somebody just want to keep an eye for some news. The news themselves just stand for a way to satisfy your empty feelings and if you are not feeling empty, you need nothing. So just try to ignore something.

You must face the fact that few strangers will really care about you, they just want to release themselves. Meanwhile, you need to pay attention to someone who really care about you, they will be your friends. If you feel empty, just ignoring the messages from the same empty persons. You could find something interesting finally. Just try to grasp something eternal instead of fresh, life is eventually dull but we should not make this worse. Don’t try to figure out how much you will pay for something because the value is mean-less vs your feelings. For communication, we invent standards but your life will not actually change much with some numbers. Yes, they will bring you happiness feelings but what a pity! Yes, I am not trying to teach you, I am teaching myself. But as a bonus, if you see this in 24st May, 2033, try to contact me by email and tell me the weather of your city, I will send you a check of my salary of May,2033, if I have a job and alive(only one!). Yes, this post will be a debt. Well, I think I have finished my buzz and hope you could find some clues in this post.

So the rules of ignoring is ignoring your empty feelings, that’s all I want to say. So when you see this para, just ignore the word before. I have learned a rule to ignore the first 13%~15% of the contents of a person for former posts are not so good, so just ignore this post.

Yes, I need to say something about the content in this blog. I will share some ideas with you but not recording my life and mind, so there will be only few articles like this one.