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Invitation to Submit Manuscripts for a Special Issue of Chemosphere

The prestigious journal Chemosphere is currently running a special issue entitled " Human Health Effects of Chemical Mixture Exposures". As we are acting as guest editors for this issue, we would like to welcome contributions from various disciplines. We kindly invite you to consider submitting your full paper to this special issue.

Guest editors

Special issue information

Current environmental chemistry and toxicology studies mainly focus on a single stressor or single group of stressors, which does not reflect the multiple stressors in the dynamic exposome that humans are facing. Usually, human exposures are presented as cocktails with thousands of organic chemicals and dozens of inorganic chemicals being presented. However, the significant relationships and interactions among those stressors in the environment and their holistic human health effects remain unclear. Fortunately, the rapid developments of various techniques provide us with the possibility of revealing these mixture exposures. This Chemosphere special issue aims to provide a platform to dissect the complexity of chemical mixture exposures from experimental, analytical, and computational perspectives.

Manuscript submission information: The submission website for this journal is located at here. Author guidelines and manuscript submission to Chemosphere can be found here. To ensure that your manuscript is correctly submitted to the special issue, please select ‘‘VSI: Exposure of Mixture” when you reach the step of “Article Type” during the submission process.


Human exposure, Chemical mixture, Health effects

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