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HPLC 2015 Beijing

Last week 43rd International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques(HPLC 2015 Beijing) was held at the Beijing International Conference Center in Beijing, China. For my tutor was the chair of this conference, I stayed there for three days and made a poster presentation. Here is some tips from the HPLC 2015 Beijing.

  • “NMR is your mother, MS is your love and the LC is your superhero.” Prof. Peter Schoenmakers said.

  • The hairstyle of Prof. Jonothan Sweedler is impressive and I don’t know if he had played punk.

  • Though Prof. Robert Kennedy has rejected my paper before, I admit he is handsome.

  • Girls from South Korea were really beauty. In HPLC 2017 Jeju we might see them again.

  • 2D and 3D LC were really popular. However, I found they were limited to a few applications. Yeah, they showed a fantastic column efficiency but in practice they somewhat like the art of butchering dragons while no dragons for them. In environmental analysis, I think new complex matrix effect in various samples might be a dragon for them.

  • Superficially Porous Particles are interesting and attractive. Better choice for start up group.

  • Modeling in HPLC is really native and ignore the development of novel methods in computer science or data science.

  • Mass spectrum is the best spouse for (U)HPLC. However, omics treat the features or profiles more than certain compounds.

  • Some groups have noticed the data mining of hyphenated method data and I think such issue is the best application for data science.

  • Chemical modification of certain materials or nanomatreials to gain the selectivity are just permutation and combination. However, they could publish good papers…

  • Oral presentation for PI is very important. Some Chinese PI need to learn how to make presentation and if English is not good, try to list it on slides.

  • Young scientists are the future of HPLC and I am really appreciate the workshop for starters.

  • I bet you only care the beauty and handsome in this post.

  • See you next HPLC(well, I always need financial support)!

p.s. Finally I could vote on the stackoverflow!