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I went to Israel at the late June for Isotopes 2015 conference. This is my first time trip abroad and it is my pleasure to visit Jerusalem and make friends with scholars from all over the world. This is a quick note of some important tips about isotopes 2015.

  • Thank you, all of the organisers of the conference!

  • Thank you, all of the participants and I learned a lot!

  • I have made the web application avaliable on my web site and just try it!

  • Thank you, Dr. Martin Elsner. Your comments are very important for me.

  • The old city of Jerusalem is definitly holyland for the three major Abrahamic religions and show a very different view compared with old city such as Beijing and Xi’an in China.

  • Food is delicious and finally I get used to the fork and knife!

  • I am the only one from China for this conference but it is an amazing coincidence to meet Xi Wei, who also get the Bachelor’s degree from Shandong University.

  • Dead sea and Masada should never be missing if you go to Israel.

  • Thank you, All my new friends! Though I can’t spell all of your names, leave message via Email or guestbook on this website if you come to China for a visit. You are bound to be received warmly here!

  • Thank you, Dr. Anil Modak. I use your photo as a summary.