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A very brief intro of shiny

If you are a starter of shiny as me, this post may help your know some principle of shiny.

What is shiny?

  • R based
  • View as webpage hosted on servers
  • give a request, show the result

Backgroud needed

  • Almost R only

Why shiny?

  • Entirely extensible
  • Display your data in an interactive way

How shiny works?

  • Reactive Programming

    When the input changes, the R code will run again to get a refresh. Shiny makes the connections among R, input and the the output on your screen by some communication tags. So you can just focused on R code and let shiny do the other things.

  • server.R

    You need write your R code here to tell shiny run what when the inputs change. The R code need a input and output values.

  • ui.R

    You need tell the app user where is the input/output box, which values of the input should be transfer to R code and which values of the output should be display on the webpage. You can also custome your UI of app here if you have writen some basic html pages.

  • Render function in server.R

    Tell shiny the output values used in the app’s webpage. This function need to be re-ran when the input changes, so the render function must be assighed to a output values while contains the input values.

  • RUN

    When you finish your server.R and ui.R, just runApp() and you will get the great webpage.

How to share your apps?

  • Push your shiny code on the github or make a zip file, the user can run it locally use the runUrl,runGitHub or runGist in the shiny package.

  • You can also build up a server with www connection and put your app there.

Learn more?