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Metabolites of 2,4,4′-Tribrominated Diphenyl Ether (BDE-28) in Pumpkin after In Vivo and In Vitro Exposure

This is the first paper written by me which was just published on Environmental Science & Technology, pp 13494–13501, Volume 47, Issue 23, 2013. You could access the full text either by ACS’s website or just send Dr. Liu or me an email.

This work focused on the metabolites of BDE-28 in plant. The main finding is that after the exposure, BDE-28 could be transformed to OH-diBDEs, OH-triBDEs and MeO-triBDEs. Without the standards of metabolites, the MeO-triBDEs were identified as para-MeO-triBDE by thumb rules. This is interesting because we found all of the literature about the MeO- metabolites of PBDEs are para-MeO-PBDEs. Though Science has published a paper in 2005 which show some Ortho- MeO-PBDEs has a nature source, our finding reveal that the metabolites of PBDEs may also have some features to show their sources. However, there are little works reporting the MeO-PBDEs as metabolites, so more proof is needed.

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